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Brahmin Genocide – The Precursor to Hindu Extinction (Hard Bound)


Collector’s version – Hard Bound

Brahmin Genocide describes the fight for the survival of the Bharatiya civilisation, arguably the only surviving link to the primordial.
The book informs the challenges faced by the Brahmin community, who have been unwittingly drawn to the frontline of a civilisational battle.

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The present work explicates the colonial origins of the Brahmin hate narrative, amplified and spread today as globally visible Brahmin hate propaganda.
Global Brahmin hate often masquerades as the ‘caste privilege’ narrative.
The inevitable consequence of Brahmin hate propaganda is Brahmin Genocide, the latest example being Kashmir.
The objective of Brahmin hate is Hindu civilisational extinction. Brahmins just happen to be in the way.
An outline of a battle plan for the Brahmin community and Sanatanis engaged in this civilisational battle is presented in this book.
Brahmin Genocide is meant for all Indians and well-wishers of Bharatiya civilisation who see it as a beacon of hope, a guide for a sustainable, harmonious and equitable modernity—and as a symbol of triumph of human civilisation.

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