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Brhdhi Vidya – The Indian Psychotherapy

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Brhdhi Vidya – The Indian Psychotherapy (BV-IP) is a time
tested psychotherapeutic approach given by ancient Indian
thinkers. This approach has been widely used in the ancient
vedic and pre vedic civilizations for a healthy and harmonious
integration of the sense organs, emotions, intellect and thereby
for the regulation of the mind.
Etymology of Brhdhi Vidya
Brhdhi vidya comes from the root words of Brh + Dhi + Vidya.
Brh in Sanskrit is the root word for Brhaman meaning ‘to grow’
or ‘to expand’. Dhi is a sanskrit root for Buddhi meaning ‘mental
vision.’ Vidya means ‘knowledge’ or ‘wisdom’. Hence Brhdhi
Vidya means ‘Knowledge to expand the mental vision

This book has been written with my own interest and research for over a period of more than 20 years studying and experiences from various Indian Psychological resources that remained obscure in Indian Literature. In the year 2000, being a student of Psychology, I wondered if there are relevant contents in Indian Literature that can be useful for the practice of psychotherapy in an Indian setting. I didn’t want to use the Indigenous techniques where the western psychology techniques were adapted for Indian settings. That was the time I came across the book of Swami Rama on the Science of breathing and Meditation. Swami Rama was the first person who inspired me to dig deep into the literary sources of the Indian Culture. I found a strong connection between the breath and the emotions of an individual. That inspired me to look for more psychological content from the Indian Literary resources. I searched for all the sources which dealt with the functions of the human mind and its oscillating nature. To my surprise I found that all the ancient Indian literature dealt with the oscillating nature of the mind and also the ways and means to stabilise and still the mind thus making the individual reach their inner potential.

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