Kasi – Tamilagam : A Traditional Connect


This book is an effort to present people with connections that will lift their thoughts to a higher plane, inspire them and elevate them to greater heights as a well-connected, well-rounded Indian, a true Bharati.

The Glow of Kasi can be felt across the Tamil land too in names of
places, people, local legends, the tone of measure, cultural expressions
and so on.
It is this glow which has attracted people from Tamilagam to Kasi and
helped them bond together to jointly keep the glow alive across times
for generations to relish.
Picking up each of these scattered priceless strings of connect and
binding them together into a strong and seamless yarn for coming
generations, is an opportunity that has been given to us, which we

Weight 260 g
Dimensions 14.7 × 21.9 × 3 cm


Bharath Gyan

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