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Sri Rama in Tamilagam – An Inseparable Bond


Sri Rama, the one who built the Sethu to Lanka has also enshrined
Himself in the hearts and culture of the entire land of Bharat with
His life of ideals.
Tamilagam stands out like a veritable time capsule amongst these.
For, even though Sri Rama reached this land only towards the end of
His exile, this land commemorates every event of Ramayana through
living temples and traditions, as well as through various forms of art.
The extent of Bharat too has come to be defined by the Sethu He
built here.

Tamilagam stands as a living heritage museum of Ramayana with
different temples depicting scenes connected with Ramayana, right
from His birth to His departure from earth. Cummulatively, across
the land of Tamilagam, they form a rendition of Ramayana in stone.
Not only did He build the Sethu Bandha, He built an inseparable
bond with Tamilagam.
This book has been written as our offering and dedication to the
newly built temple for Sri Rama at Sri Ram Janmabhoomi, Ayodhya.
It has been prompted by our urge to showcase how Tamilagam, of
which we are children of, has figured significantly in the life of Sri
Rama and events of Ramayana. How, even though Sri Rama was born
in Ayodhya, He is equally dear to all, even in the remote south of
It has been motivated by the urge to outline the rationale of why? and
how? it behoves the present-day state of Tamil Nadu to also celebrate
Sri Rama and His temple at Ram Janmabhoomi, Ayodhya.

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