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This book is translated by Dr. Neeta Deshpande, from the original work in Marathi by Sri.Deepak Karanjikar.
The book presents a unique thought and incredible research for the One World Order. This non-fictional book collates a centennial and colossal canvas of mighty maestros. It explores the mammoth infrastructure they built and their clandestine deracination to plot world events with an unrelenting vigor in the controlled theater throughout human history.

In the 21st century world, where humanity is experiencing uncertainty, instability, instability and dissatisfaction thereby causing personal, social, national and global upheavals, ‘Ghatsutra’ seeks to engage readers from start to finish, keeping their minds engrossed while presenting a worldview that encourages critical self-confidence and understanding of the ‘presented’ world. It provides insights and stimulate discussions, making it a highly anticipated and comprehensive global research document steeping in 108-year global history-from sinking of Titanic (1912) to emergence of Pandemic (2020) – and the unseen deceitful forces that shaped economic, social, and political standards of the world.

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